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Staun Masso Jet Review

Staun Massojet Review – Keep Your Car Clean with a Green Solution

High pressure cleaning is now a widely used method for keeping vehicles clean and free of corrosion. The Staun Massojet is a simple, yet effective device that can help you reach in places you would not normally be able to access and clean them well. Designed by a company well known for creating 4WD accessories, the Staun Massojet does not disappoint. Besides being a very effective tool, it also reduces water consumption needs for cleaning, and it represents a greener solution than regular cleaning devices.

How to use it

This cleaning accessory is very easy to use. You only need to attach the Staun Massojet to a hose, and then proceed to use it on your vehicle. Because of its particular design, this tool is easy to maneuver and insert in cramped areas where the water spray can do all the work. You can use the Staun Massojet to clean chassis rails, under the wheel arches, as well as behind the guards and the engine. Basically, there is no area that this particular cleaning accessory cannot easily reach.

Efficient water consumption

Normally, it would take a lot of water to clean your vehicle efficiently. However, when you are using the Staun Massojet, you do not have to worry too much about water wastage. First of all, you have the control mechanism over water input at your fingertips, so you can regulate it as you see fit. Secondly, because you are basically using the high pressure technology, you can use a smaller amount of water to clean large surfaces, such as an entire 4x4 vehicle, without having to worry that you need to use too much water.

For this reason, this cleaning tool is considered to be a greener solution when compared to other products on the market.

Ideal for cleaning off-road vehicles

It is well known that off-road vehicles can get particularly dirty after an entire day of adventuring. The biggest enemy for such cars, besides mud, slush or dirt, is salt. Salt accumulations on the chassis, as well as on other areas, can lead to corrosion, and it time, corrosion can decrease the value, as well as the performance of a vehicle.

While the Staun Massojet itself can remove the salt and mud build-up from the chassis of your vehicle, you can also use strong anti-corrosion agents to be applied. A liquid applicator can easily be attached to the tool, so you can reach all the places affected by salt and other corrosion elements and remove them for good.

Great pricing

Besides great qualities, the Staun Massojet brings another advantage to car owners. It is quite inexpensive, and seeing how much it can deliver for the price, it can be said that it is a cheap solution to an important issue.

Accumulations of all kinds of heavy soiling underneath your car can decrease the value of your vehicle, because corrosion will damage the metal components, and in time, signs of wear and tear will not hesitate to show up. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your 4x4 vehicle, and enjoy its great performance for a longer time, there is no better and cheaper solution than using the Staun Massojet.


There are many areas on your vehicle that can get very dirty, making it hard for you, as the owner to have them efficiently cleaned. Areas such as behind the guards or under the chassis, are difficult to reach, and going for a professional cleaning every time you come back from an off-road adventure can become quite an expensive habit. With the Staun Massojet, you only need a bit of water and cleaning your car becomes as easy as a breeze.


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