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Karcher Pressure Cleaner Review

Karcher Pressure Cleaner Review

Kärcher High Pressure Cleaners – German Quality and Innovation

Kärcher high pressure cleaners are famous worldwide for their impeccable quality and service they provide, especially for owners of off-road vehicles that not only once are in need of heavy duty devices to clean their cars. With a wide range of products that can be used for cleaning just about anything that needs cleaning in a fast and efficient manner, Kärcher stays true to its name and really does make a difference

Short history

The company making the well known high pressure cleaners was founded in 1935 by the German inventor, Alfred Kärcher. It was not, however, until later on, in 1950, that the inventor came up with the idea of a hot water high pressure cleaner, that made the company famous in all corners of the world.

In many countries around the globe, the name Kärcher is synonymous with cleaning devices, since their quality and innovation imposed the Kärcher products on this particular market.

Exemplary cleaning

Owners of 4x4 vehicles can truly take advantage of the exemplary cleaning capabilities Kärcher cleaners deliver. For instance, the Kärcher K6.750 T400 Cleaner is ideal when you need to remove heavy soiling from the entire surface of your vehicle. For large vehicles such as off-roaders, a powerful unit like the one mentioned above is a great choice

Great mobility

Another feature of all Kärcher high pressure cleaners that car owners truly enjoy is the great mobility. Models such as the Kärcher K5.700 T300 Cleaner come equipped with large wheels and their maneuverability allows users to move the unit around in order to clean their vehicles in the minutest details. Such an aspect is important especially when you have to reach soiled places that are not easy to access when using a regular cleaner.


Cleaning has never been easier than when using a Kärcher cleaner. Besides providing car owners with the right amount of power and pressure to clean their vehicles well, these cleaners are optimal for use, because they are extremely convenient. Even smaller models, such as the Kärcher K2.360 Cleaner, are conveniently equipped, so that whenever you use it, everything you need is within your reach.


Car owners definitely appreciate the fact that these high pressure cleaners offer independence from water sources. Certain models can be fed with water from as little as a water bucket, so there is no need to worry about having the cleaner connected to a continuous source of water. When cleaning your car, having such conveniences at your fingertips may be considered priceless.

Adding accessories

You will never have to worry about not being able to get a cleaning job done when using a Kärcher high pressure cleaner. The most powerful models can have accessories equipped, such as a longer hose, so you can reach the most difficult places. The existing hose can be pulled out or pushed back in with a simple push of a button, making the unit easy to store away, without taking additional space.

Cleaning power for large surfaces

Car maintenance can be a constant source of headaches, but not if you are using the best tools. A model such as the Kärcher K5.670 Car Cleaner can be very handy when you need to clean large surfaces. The rotating jet nozzles can easily cover and clean large areas, leaving nothing but spotless surface behind.

Kärcher has a wide range of high pressure cleaners, some designed for heavy duty, others for cleaning medium soiling, and others for smaller jobs. However, no matter what kind of cleaner you intend to use, you will get to enjoy all the great qualities of a premium high pressure cleaner.


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