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Brown Davis Long Range Tank Review

Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tank 4x4 Review

Long Range Fuel Tanks – The Best Option Only with Brown Davis

Have you ever got struck at a lonely place due to a dry fuel situation of your vehicle? In such cases it’s good to look for a solution that comes with long range fuel tanks! Brown Davis’s long range fuel tanks are exceptionally good engineering solution that can be used for long journey purpose vehicle.   This helps one to travel without frequent re-fuelling.   The tanks are designed so intelligently without affecting the ground clearance.  The tanks can be fixed to the vehicles without causing congestion to the vehicle space and the comfort it offers.  Hence, it is an ideal option to have a custom made long fuel tank when undertaking long trips to remote areas where fuel stations are rare.

These tanks are made of solid cold rolled steel coated in aluminum.  The sturdy properties of the metal give solid strong character to the tank which extends its durability.  From the investment point of view, this is worth when considering the benefits.  The custom designed tanks can be made for any and all types of vehicles.  The craftsmanship and engineering maneuverability makes the tanks looks like a factory built tank.   The cold rolled sheet used to make the tank is 2mm 14 gauge.  That saves some unnecessary extra weight of the vehicle and in turn can save fuel. Fuel tanks, available in the market are built of low gauge metal.  Brown Davis maintains critical standards to keep the quality of their tanks as they use imported special steel metals.

Aluminum tanks mostly get hit by fatigue due to vibration. The aluminum coated steel used in Brown Davis fuel tank is strong enough to resist the fatigue caused due to vibration and is rust proof. The advantage when comparing with all other tanks available in the market is its strength of the steel and corrosion resistance properties.

There are three different types of tanks that are being marketed by Brown Davis. 

  • Long range replacement fuel tanks are fitted to the vehicle by replacing the original factory fit tanks.  The tanks can be custom engineered to fit your vehicle that provides minimum 40 to 100 percent increase of fuel capacity.
  • Readymade and customs made auxiliary tanks are manufactured by Brown Davis.  The auxiliary tanks will have independent fuel gauge.  An electrical governing switch is used to control the flow of fuel to the engine.   Customers can also opt for auxiliary tanks with fuel transfer pumping system.  This system allows you to transfer the fuel from the auxiliary tank to the main tank with the help of governing pump switch.
  • In the case of Gas Conversion Tanks, installed for those who are willing to change their vehicle to an LPG operated one.   The LPG tank is designed in a particular way and is fitted in separate location.  The original fuel tank is removed so as to be replaced with the gas tank.

The manufacturer, Brown Davis Automotive is an ISO 9001 certified company and a renowned name in long range fuel tank options! With Brown Davis long range fuel tanks one is ensured of a smooth and trouble free long journey.

Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tank

Brown Davis long range and auxiliary tanks are arguably the most thoroughly engineered long range and auxiliary tank available. Utilising high grade materials and over 30 years of design knowledge and engineering expertise, backed by a 3 year warranty, Brown Davis continues to set the benchmark in the aftermarket fuel tank industry.

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