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Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated on the same day in every state of Australia.  It's great to be Australian and even better to be Australian and out four wheel driving or camping!  There's plenty of events and celebrations for Australia Day but the Aussie tradition is to take the (hopefuly) long weekend and head out into the bush or onto the beaches and set up camp.

When you're out there enjoying your holiday, and sipping on a cold one, you don't want to find yourself stranded without the right gear to get you home.  That's where Tough Toys comes in.  We're here to help you with all the right 4wd and recovery gear to get you out of the mud or sand. 

Maybe you're just needing a way to get out of the sun for a nanna nap?  We've got some great awnings and camping accessories to help you avoid getting skin cancer.

We've arranged a bunch of our gear by price so you can choose what suits your budget.

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