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Novelty Gifts

If you’re like most people buying gifts can be a real struggle. It’s often pretty difficult to choose something appropriate. Are they going to like it? Will they get a lot of use out of it? What’s the right balance of practical and sentimental for your boss/sister/other half? This is why so many people end up getting whatever the petrol station had left at 9pm on Christmas Eve.

The simplest way out of a gift dilemma is to go for the novelty option. Something a little bit unusual will usually bring a smile to the lucky recipient’s face, and if it’s also a bit useful they’ll remember you every time they use it – whether because it’s made such a difference to their life or because they still can’t quite believe you got them a solar-powered night light.

At Tough Toys we try to keep our gift ideas practical but we do have a few things that are useful for any off road driving enthusiast but also quirky enough to make a memorable present. For example one of our can or stubby coolers is a bit of fun, but also pretty practical. It lets you carry your drink around the campsite hands-free, and helps keep it cool at the same time. Chuck a Tough Toys bottle opener in the package too. These are a favourite item around Christmas, so we guess a lot of people are getting them as stocking fillers.

If you want something really out of the ordinary we do a range of 4wd-themed jewellery as well. Earrings, pendants or cufflinks; we have miniature gold or silver replicas of your favourite vehicle part, and those make a pretty distinctive gift. You can even get a tyre-styled ring – with a choice of tread pattern, of course.

Of course novelty’s a very personal thing, and you can turn just about anything into an unusual gift if you give it to the right person at the right time. Got a mate who’s proud of what a tough bloke he is? He’d probably love a set of the fantastic Treds sand tracks – especially if they’re pink. Picking a gift is always going to take some thought but it’s a lot less stressful if you’re looking for a fun result, so check out our range and see what you can have a bit of a laugh with.

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