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St Patricks Day

Everyone loves St. Patties Day don't they?  Ahh the Irish.  If they did one good thing for us, it'd be Saint Patrick's Day.  It's an official Christian Feast day but apparently Aussies don't really get that concept and would rather have a big piss up!

That's fine by us, we love our beers as much as any Aussie bloke.  Thats why we've put together a bunch of cool drinking essentials that you're sure to love.  They'll also go down a big hit on St Patricks Day.

These arent your normal stubby and beer can coolers, they're made from thicker material and they have a pretty sweet neck strap so you don't ever lose your drink.  The bottle coolers are made snug so they fit nicely around most standard beer bottles and keep your drink cool all the way up to the neck.  If you need to transport some beers without getting them warm, why not sling them over your shoulder with our beer cooler tube?

Check out the range below:

Drinking Essentials

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