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Mothers Day

As we get older most of us realise what little monsters we were as kids, so Mother’s Day is a great chance to say thanks to the woman who had to put up with it. If you sell chocolates or flowers it’s one of the high points of your year, because that’s how most people show their gratitude. It’s not the only way though, and if your mother enjoys getting outdoors and doing some off road touring or camping you can have fun with more imaginative gifts. They’re more permanent too, so they’ll remind her all year of what a great job she did bringing you up.

Recovery gear is a must-have for any off roader, and when your mother’s busy digging her Land Rover out of the sand she’ll get a warm glow from knowing that you might not be there to help her, but your gifts will save her a lot of work. If you want to add a feminine touch we even have the outstanding Tred recovery tracks in pink.

Being a mother is a busy job and they need to be able to swing into action at any moment – even when they’re relaxing by the camp fire enjoying a cold one. That’s where our can and stubby coolers come in. Now with neck straps to allow hands free carriage, these let you do whatever needs done without having to put your drink down and abandon it to the ants.

Mothers often end up doing the cooking in camp, just like they do at home, and while camp cooking can be fun sometimes it’s nice to cut the workload. Our solar ovens are a hassle-free way to get dinner sorted. There’s no more standing over a hot stove – just get the ingredients in the pot, set it up in the sun and relax while it cooks.

If you’ve ever disagreed with your mother you probably know how tough she can be. Mother’s Day is a perfect chance to celebrate that by getting her a Tough gift that’s as practical as she is, so we’ve put together a list to suit any budget.

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