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Anzac Day

The school holidays are a great chance to get the whole family out camping in some of Australia’s finest landscapes. Kids love camping and all that goes with it – lighting fires and cooking over them, digging holes, splashing about in rivers. They always seem to have plenty of energy and getting outdoors lets them burn it off.

Of course setting off with the whole family means it’s more important than ever to be fully kitted out. If you have young kids with you the chances are you’ll want more space in your camp, so a couple of old swags aren’t going to be enough. Set up the perfect family camp with one of our huge awnings and a set of tent walls for it.

Anyone who’s taken the kids on a long drive knows what a mess they can make of the inside of your vehicle. Games, books and snacks end up in the weirdest places, unless you have a couple of Tough seat organisers in place to provide extra pockets. Some deep pan floor mats will also help, keeping muddy little feet off your carpets.

Running around outdoors means the occasional bump or scrape, so to avoid tears you should have plenty of basic first aid supplies to hand – plasters, Betadine liquid and ice packs are always handy. Kids sunburn easily too, and if a couple of them end up turning red some cooling gel will take the heat out of it and keep the trip from turning into a nightmare.

Once you’ve got your camp set up and made sure none of the family are too badly damaged, you’ll probably find the kids still have more energy than you can cope with. That’s when you need some way to keep them distracted so you and the missus can relax with a couple of cold ones. If they’re into fishing that’s an unbeatable way to keep them busy for a few hours, or you could take a helicopter drone for them to play with – our Parrot AR model is controlled by a smartphone or tablet, and even has a built in spy camera so they can get an aerial view of your campsite.

We’ve sorted out some gear that will help make school holidays less stress and more fun, and arranged it by price so you can choose what suits your budget.

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