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Halloween is approaching, and pretty soon the kids will be scaring each other with tales of mysterious monsters. Ghosts, ghouls and goblins will feature heavily, and if you’re fed up with things that start with G there’s always zombies. Of course Halloween’s a time to have a bit of fun and all those monsters are imaginary, but if you’re into off-road touring there are some real monsters out there and, one day, your luck’s going to run out.

We know how enjoyable it is to sit beside your 4wd at the end of a long day’s driving, swapping stories with your mates and knocking back a few cold ones, but did you ever wonder what’s out there in the dark watching you? That rustling in the gum trees might be the wind, or it might be the stealthy approach of a drop bear. These terrible predators know better than to fall on one of our Tough awnings, but if you don’t have that protection you better smear some Vegemite behind your ears unless you want one dropping on your head. We should point out that while Vegemite does scare off drop bears a Tough awning’s reflective waterproof fabric will also protect you from UV light and rain.

There’s no safety in moving away from the trees and parking by the creek instead. In the Outback, water is the home of the dreaded bunyip. This evil amphibian emerges from streams, pools and swamps at night to feast on children, and while kids are usually quieter after they’ve been eaten by a bunyip it is kind of tricky to explain why you came home without them. Luckily the bunyip only appears when it’s dark, so if you hear something bellowing near the riverbank just fire up your FBL Industries camp lighting set and they’ll soon slither off.

Australia’s a wild place and has more than its fair share of supernatural creatures. Are you ready for the prehistoric terror of NSW’s Hawkesbury River Monster? Have you thought of how you’d escape the horrific tree-dwelling vampire yar-ma-yha? Did you set up a decoy to protect your campsite from bogan attack? (A six-pack of VB and an old stereo playing Midnight Oil’s Greatest Hits will lure them harmlessly away). Maybe it’s safer to spend Halloween at home surrounded by very small princesses and super heroes.

Actually no. Throw us the car keys and Vegemite; we’ll take our chances with the drop bears.

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