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Melbourne Cup Day

It’s fair to say most Australians don’t have a horse, but Melbourne Cup day still gets the whole country – and even the Kiwis – into a frenzy of all out horse madness. Four in every five Australians will watch the race or place bets on it, it’s a public holiday in the ACT and a lot of Victoria, and as for hat makers it’s the high point of their year.

The chances are you’ll want to watch the Cup yourself, but does that mean you have to abandon your 4wd for the day? Not at all. In fact your trusty iron horse can help you enjoy the racing in style – it just needs some imagination and, of course, a few quality accessories from Tough Toys.

Why watch the Melbourne Cup in your living room? It’s a big day, so make a special occasion out of it. Get some time off from work, plan a trip with some mates and get all your gear ready. You’ll need a TV that can run off a vehicle power system, but that’s easy enough. Portable satellite dishes aren’t hard to find either. Then all you need is the gear to set up a proper camp and you’re sorted.

If it’s a sunny day you’ll want some shade so you can see the screen – and watch the fun without getting frazzled – so you might be looking for an awning. They’re also great if it rains and with one of our mozzie nets they keep the bugs off too. Any sporting event is better with a few cold ones to hand and we can help you there, too – vehicle fridges and stubbie coolers all help you enjoy the day. You can even combine seeing the racing live with a spot of touring, and if you feel like doing that we have all the maps and guide books you’ll need to find a campsite in the area.

Aussies love the Melbourne Cup and a lot of us also love the outdoors, so combining the two makes a lot of sense. At Tough Toys we have the gear to help you do that, and we’ve put together a list of our best deals to fit any budget. Treat yourself, and good luck on the horses!

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