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Queen's Birthday

Getting away from it all is always fun, but when you’re holding down a job the big challenge is finding time to do it. When you get a long holiday the chances are the family will want to head off to Bali for a couple of weeks, and breaks like Christmas are usually taken up with other things, so often the only chance you get to head off for some camping is at the weekends. That’s why a long weekend is a bonus you should always jump at, and the Queen’s Birthday long weekend is the perfect example.

With an extra day or two to play with you can aim for a more ambitious trip than the usual Friday afternoon to Sunday night schedule. Head further from home, take in an extra couple of campsites or plan a massive beach Barbie if the weather’s good – you probably have a better chance of that if you live in WA.

Of course if you want to make the most of the long weekend you’re going to need the right gear, so it’s a perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new camping kit and vehicle accessories. Just to make it easy for you we’ve put together a list of Tough Toys gear that’s perfect for a longer trip.

You can get by for the weekend with an Esky stuffed full of sausages, but if you’re out a bit longer things will go much better with a good supply of fresh food (and cold beer), so look at our handy fridges. Sleeping in a swag gets old too, but our huge awnings give you all the space you need to stay comfortable night after night.

At Tough Toys we’re all about having fun in the great Australian outdoors, and any excuse will do. Next time the Queen’s birthday rolls around grab yourself some of our quality gear, load up your wagon and head for the bush to enjoy the long weekend in a proper Australian style. We have everything you need at the right price and we can deliver anywhere in Australia, so we’re always able to help you out.

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