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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota 4Runner

No off-road driver is going to argue with Toyota’s reputation – their legendary Landcruiser is one of the all-time great cross country vehicles. They have a few other star performers as well, and the 4Runner is one we really like. If you’re into pedigrees it has a pretty impressive one. The first two generations were built on the chassis of the Hilux Ute, and the newer ones are based on the Landcruiser Prado. Any 4Runner model makes a great choice for getting out into the Australian landscape. Don’t start packing just yet though – you have the wheels you need for some quality touring, but do you have all the gear?

In fact, chances are you don’t. The 4Runner is a really capable vehicle, but the tools that come with it are for the 90% of owners who’ll never take theirs off the road. If you’re looking at this site the chances are you’re one of the adventurous 10%, so you probably need some better recovery gear than the standard Toyota jack. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s meant for changing a wheel beside the road. It’s not really what you’re looking for when you’re trying to haul your 4Runner out of soft sand. What you really need is something like one of our exhaust jacks – they’re easy to use, powerful enough to lift you out of pretty much anything and the engine does all the hard work. Get a couple of snatch straps, too. Spend any amount of time off road and you’re going to have to tow someone out of a hole (or get towed out yourself) and a petrol station tow rope isn’t going to handle that.

Talking about petrol stations, they can be few and far between in the outback – and running out of fuel is something you really don’t want to be doing. You can fill a few jerrycans and stash them in a roof cage, but a better solution is to upgrade your Toyota with high capacity tanks. We stock Long Range Automotive tanks for most 4Runner models.

The 4Runner is a good-sized wagon, with plenty space for camping gear, so it’s a great choice for longer trips. Take advantage of that by fitting one of our awnings. Sleeping in a swag gets old pretty fast, so having a huge, easily set up shelter that just rolls out from your roof bars makes a big difference. Our awnings are the biggest and toughest you’ll find; they also come with LED lighting kits, and you can add tent walls or mozzie nets for even more shelter.

Your 4Runner is an awesome vehicle, and all it needs to make it the perfect expedition wagon is the right gear. At Tough Toys we’re dedicated to making that gear available at the best prices – we love getting off road, so we know what you’re looking for.

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Tough Toys sells aftermarket parts suitable for Toyota vehicles.  We do not sell Toyota Genuine Parts or products.

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