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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota  Fj Cruiser

If you're a fan of Toyota's classic LandCruiser models but like the reliability of modern technology, the FJ Cruiser might be just the 4x4 for you. This fun retro-styled vehicle is built around Toyota's latest engine and chassis developments, but looks pretty much like the old 1959 LandCruiser FJ40.

The FJ Cruiser isn't just about fun, though. It's a very, very capable off-road vehicle, and we like it a lot. In fact we like it so much that we've put together a range of accessories to make it even more capable yet. If you drive an FJ Cruiser and want to get the most out of its fantastic suspension and big grunty engine, have a look at what we can help you with in the way of parts.

The FJ Cruiser is a tough vehicle, built for rough ground. Its underside is protected with steel skid plates, so it doesn't need the Underguard armour we supply for most 4x4s. What's behind those plates, though? It turns out there's a good bit of empty space in there. The FJ comes with a  standard 72 litre fuel tank. Replace that with one of our super-tough long range tanks and get a better than 50% increase in capacity, all the way to 110 litres. With the FJ's powerful 4 litre engine a bit of extra fuel isn't going to hurt. Our tanks are guaranteed to keep feeding fuel over any ground, too; internal baffles and fuel feed vortex devices make sure you won't find your engine starving.

Now you've guaranteed your engine a supply of fuel, what about making sure it never runs out of air? River crossings can quickly stop an unprepared engine, but don't forget a flash flood can too. Even trying to cross a shallow ford a bit too quickly can turn embarrassing when your FJ Cruiser drowns on its own bow wave. Avoid red faces by fitting a Safari snorkel. With your air intake repositioned to the top of the windscreen you'll have no worries about fording. As a nice bonus you'll also suck in a lot less dust, so your air filter won't need cleaning as often.

Even the most powerful, agile vehicle will get stuck sometimes, and it's a big help if you're prepared for it. Whether you're bogged in or immobilised by a flat tyre, we have the kit to get you back on the move. Stuck in soft sand or mud? Our TRED recovery panels are a new take on the traditional sand channels, and they'll give your tyres grip in any conditions. If you're bellied on a rock try our exhaust jack to lift one axle and put the other two wheels on the ground; able to lift up to four tonnes using your vehicle's exhaust gas, it definitely beats lying in the dirt trying to wedge a bottle jack in place.

Travelling off road isn't all about the journey; getting there is important too. Use our easily fitted side and rear awnings to turn your FJ Cruiser into the centre of your camp. Our awnings are the biggest and toughest you'll find, and on their own they're great for keeping the sun or rain off. You can add tent walls and mozzie nets to them as well, for extra protection. Once you've got the shelter sit back, relax and have a drink. Our filter-equipped bottles and jerry cans will give you safe drinking water from any local source, or you can push the boat out with a cold can or stubby from one of our neoprene cooling sleeves.

Toyota's FJ Cruiser really is a lot of fun. Make it even more fun with Tough Toys accessories. You know you want to.

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