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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota  Kluger

A lot of people don’t take crossover 4wds all that seriously – we’ve heard plenty of jokes about how they’re built to take everything the golf club can throw at them. Most of the time they don’t deserve the criticism though. Of course, they’re not as capable as a full-on heavy duty wagon like a Land Cruiser or Defender, but most of them can still handle some pretty rough terrain. If you fancy doing some off-road touring with the kids a decent crossover can be a great choice – and it’s comfortable enough to make an ideal family car the rest of the time. Some crossovers are better than others if you want to go off road, and the Toyota Kluger is one of the best.

That doesn’t mean you can just pick up a Kluger from your local Toyota showroom and head off into the Outback, though. It’s a solid vehicle, built on a beefed-up Camry platform, but Toyota know that most owners will never go anywhere rougher than the car park at Coles. Guess where it’s equipped to go? You got it – Coles. The good news is you just need a few quality accessories and yours will be ready to take you pretty much anywhere.

How you fit out your Kluger depends on how hardcore you want to go, but the minimum you need is a decent recovery kit. The standard jack won’t help much if you’re stuck in sand, so add an exhaust jack – that should lift you out of anything. A set of good sand tracks will help keep you moving once you’re out (and if you use them right you won’t get stuck in the first place). Finally a snatch strap is an essential any time you go off road; better still, carry two.

You can always explore the scenery between hotels, but half the fun of touring is being independent. Fit a set of roof bars on your Kluger and you’re all set to mount one of our amazing awnings. Tough awnings are some of the biggest and best you’ll find, with UV-reflective linings to keep you cool and integrated LED lighting ready to go when night falls. They’re perfect for cooking and relaxing under, and if you add a mozzie net or tent kit that’s your home for the night sorted too.

If you really want to be able to go anywhere there aren’t many limits to what you can do with your Kluger. Fit a Bushpower fridge/freezer in the back to keep your food – and beer – chilled, add extra lights for night driving on the roughest trails or sort yourself out with a UHF CB radio for keeping in touch with fellow off-roaders; the Kluger can be turned into a real expedition machine, which you can’t say for most family cars. If you want to start kitting yours out just get in touch with Tough Toys. We deliver anywhere in Australia and you’ll find our prices pretty hard to beat.

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