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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota  Prado

A great machine for business and leisure, the Toyota Prado is a big, chunky vehicle with lots of muscle and plenty of ground clearance for exciting driving on all kinds of terrain. Comfortable and stylish, the Prado is popular with a wide range of operators who need a strong, classy vehicle with the versatility to go anywhere and do anything. Not least, these owners value its sturdy build and fantastic agility. Everything can be improved, though, and that includes the Prado. This is where the Tough Toys range of accessories comes in. Here are a few of the things we've found to boost your Prado's performance:

Safari Snorkel;  You don’t need to be planning deep river crossings to worry about getting water in your engine; a flash flood can quickly overwhelm the air intakes of a standard vehicle. And water isn’t the only enemy of your finely-engineered motor, either. Dust, grit and sand have a bad habit of finding every weak spot and inflicting expensive damage on your pride and joy. Cut out the risks by fitting the robust Safari Snorkel, tailor-made for your Prado, with swivelling head to combat wind-blown dust and even snow. You can count on the Safari Snorkel to get you through.

Underguard;   No matter how rugged the vehicle is, a shattered sump courtesy of some rogue boulder will leave 4x4 and crew going nowhere. Our Underguard is your best protection, not just for your sump, but drive shafts and all the other critical components in the high-risk area. Purpose-made from 3mm sheet steel, tailored perfectly to fit your vehicle, with reinforced bolt fixings, this armour is going to take some beating.

Long Range Fuel Tank;   For serious safari capability you don’t want to be restricted by fuel capacity, and heavy old jerry cans full of fuel sloshing in the back amongst your kit and kin are not really recommended. We stock the Brown Davis line of long range fuel tanks, and depending on the model of your Prado you can easily boost your fuel storage to a massive 170 litres. That's over double the factory capacity. With these fitted, long range really does mean long range. Best of all, no alterations to the vehicle are required.

Recovery Treads;   Remember - not all emergency equipment needs to be expensive and bolted on to the vehicle. In shifting sand, mud or snow, your Prado will go nowhere if it can’t get a grip to haul itself out. The Tough Toys Recovery TREDs are built for that job, to get a serious vehicle out of a serious situation. Easily stowed anywhere in your cargo area, and giving your tyres an amazing grip no matter how dirty, cold or slimy they are, these could be the difference between getting home or waiting to get rescued.

Tough Tyre Kit;   Your wheels are the sharp end of your outfit, and can take a lot of punishment. Be prepared to keep them rolling with some top tyre kit from Tough Toys. The Tyre Repair kit can mend that puncture with the tyre still in place, and the Tough Toy Air Compressor gets you back up to pressure. The brilliant Exhaust Jack is also just what you need to raise the casualty wheel, without worrying about bottle jacks and unstable ground. Connect the inflatable jack to your exhaust, and your engine will do the hard work of raising the vehicle.

Campsite Gear;   Getting there is one thing, being comfortable at the camp-site is another, and Tough Toys have the equipment you need, from mosquito nets to lifesaver water bottles, first aid kits to side awnings.  Check out the professional kit specially developed by Tough Toys Ltd for rugged outback living.

Your Toyota Prado is a fantastic vehicle, good to look at and good to drive. Take it to the next level of performance with our great accessories. They won't just help you go further; they'll help your vehicle keep its value and give it the individual touch we all want.

The Trademarked names of vehicles and vehicle manufacturers are used on this website to denote vehicle suitability and for categorization of aftermarket parts only.  Tough Toys has no affiliation with, or sponsorship or approval from Toyota or other vehicle makes.

Tough Toys sells aftermarket parts suitable for Toyota vehicles.  We do not sell Toyota Genuine Parts or products.

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