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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota  Landcruiser Bundera

When it comes to off road vehicles Toyota are right up there in the top car makers, with some really well known models in their range. Starting out with some tough wagons and Utes, they’ve branched out as the 4wd market has expanded; now Toyota’s models include a full line-up of crossovers and luxury 4wds as well as the utilitarian designs they built their name on. A great example is the 1990s Bundera, a well fitted out wagon that had all the 4wd chic but more than enough comforts to serve as a family car.

Most Bunderas probably never go off the road, but give it a good look and you’ll realise there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Under the trim the Bundera has a real high-end cross country heritage; it’s based on the famous Land Cruiser 70 series. Off road tourers don’t come much tougher than that. Fit out your Bundera with the right gear and it can go pretty much anywhere – and in comfort, too.

If you want to do some serious off-roading in a Bundera you’ll probably want to get a set of more capable tyres fitted – the standard ones are best on hard surfaces – and then you’ll need the tools to use them effectively. A compact compressor and a set of good tyre deflators are essentials, because you’ll need to be able to vary pressure to suit the ground. Then look at recovery kit. The standard jack’s fine for changing a wheel beside the road, but not really up to getting you out of soft sand. Add an exhaust jack – one of those will lift your Bundera out of pretty much anything. Decent sand tracks are a must as well; they can give you the traction to get out of a soft patch, and properly used they might keep you from getting bogged down in the first place.

Nobody should go off road without at least one snatch strap, and ideally two. If you find someone in trouble, or get into a tight spot yourself, these are essential recovery kit. Adding a couple of extra shackles won’t hurt either.

The Bundera might be fitted out like an everyday car, but underneath it’s got the guts of a real Outback tourer. Add the proper accessories and it makes a great vehicle for exploring Australia. Tough Toys are here to help you get that kit at the right price. We deliver all over Australia, too, so we can definitely help you out.

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Tough Toys sells aftermarket parts suitable for Toyota vehicles.  We do not sell Toyota Genuine Parts or products.

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