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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota  Hilux

It doesn't matter where you go in the world's deserts these days; pretty soon you're going to see the desert dweller's favourite transport coming towards you. A bit clumsy looking but unmistakeably powerful, some people think it has an ugly charm while others couldn't care less as long as it keeps on carrying stuff reliably over some of the world's harshest terrain. Anyway there's no doubt it looks better than a camel.

That's right; camels are out and the Toyota Hilux is in. If you want to get yourself and all your gear across a desert you need to be getting the 4x4 version of this popular ute and fitting it out for heavy duty service. You know it makes sense. A standard 4x4 has a lot of space, but a 4x4 ute is pretty hard to beat when you have a lot of kit to carry. Get yourself a dual-cab Hilux and you'll have the room for both passengers and cargo - whatever you need to carry, the space is there.

The cross-country performance you need is there, too; watch the news, and count how many shots you see a Hilux in. It's likely to be a lot, and that's because people all over the world know how well it does its job. The Hilux wouldn't be used by everyone from Libyan Bedouin to Canadian farmers if it couldn't get around some pretty rough ground.

Like any vehicle, though, the Hilux can do a lot better with a little encouragement. As standard it can cover rough terrain easily; fit the right accessories and there's almost nowhere it can't go. We've put together a collection of accessories for all our most popular 4x4s and the Hilux is high up that list, so let's look at what we can do for you and your ute.

The Hilux has a range of gutsy engines, and if you choose one of the turbo Diesel models you'll get pretty good mileage. Combined with the standard 76 litre tank that adds up to a decent range. Who wants a decent range, though? We want a great range, and we can get it, too. Swap your tank for one of our long-range models. It's a straightforward drop-in replacement, but you get a super-tough tank built from 2mm steel and fitted with baffles, a fuel intake vortex and a whole load of other features to keep your engine reliably fed over the roughest ground. Best of all, depending on your model year they hold up to 135 litres of fuel.

Now you've boosted your range you'll be able to drive through the night if you feel like it. That can be a bit dodgy over rough ground though, so you might want a bit of extra light. Try our light bars and spot/work lights. All our light units use LED technology, so burnt-out bulbs are a thing of the past. They're a lot more resistant to being bounced over rough ground, too. Each LED has a life of at least 30,000 hours, and you can lose a few and still have a usable light. They're not going to get broken by flying gravel or low-hanging branches either. All our lights have cast alloy cases, powder-coated for corrosion resistance and fully sealed against water and dust. Tough polycarbonate lenses complete the package, letting the light out but preventing anything else from getting in.

Tanks and lights are just the start of what we can supply for your Hilux. Want under body armour to protect your sump and transmission from rocks? We have it. High-quality Safari snorkels to keep water and dust out your engine? Got those. Lightweight but rugged recovery equipment to get you out of any hole? Got that too. The best news is you can order it all online, at any time, and get rapid delivery anywhere in Australia. With us you'll always be paying mate's rates, too, so what are you waiting for?

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Tough Toys sells aftermarket parts suitable for Toyota vehicles.  We do not sell Toyota Genuine Parts or products.

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