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 4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota  Land Cruiser

If you're a 4x4 enthusiast the Toyota LandCruiser needs no introduction. It's a vehicle that has a special link with the Australian outback. Toyota test prototypes here, because if they can handle Australia's roughest terrain they'll be just fine anywhere else. In return the LandCruiser is the best-selling heavy duty 4x4 in Australia, because we know it's up to the job.

In fact it's up to pretty much any job. A lot of people think LandCruisers are all big shiny SUVs, but that's not so. In fact the 70 Series is a popular working vehicle, giving either a 2 or 5 seat cab on the rugged LandCruiser chassis with plenty space left over for a load bed or custom body. The conventional SUV models are also great work wagons, popular with anyone who needs to haul a team around rough terrain. In many parts of the world it's used as a military vehicle, too.

Seeing as the LandCruiser gets so much heavy duty use you'd think there would be plenty of accessories available for it. You'd be right, too. In fact there are so many it can get confusing finding the best ones. We learned this a long time ago, but we finally managed to track down what we think are the best parts to improve your LandCruiser's awesome off road performance even more.

When you're thinking about accessories for any 4x4 the first thing to sort out is what you want to do. Is the ability to go absolutely anywhere what you're looking for? Check our range of mobility accessories. You want to be prepared for any emergency? We can help you out with recovery, first aid and survival gear. Are you trying to fit out your LandCruiser for long-range expeditions with multiple overnight stops? We stock the camping gear you need to turn your vehicle into a mobile base camp.

Mobility accessories

The great thing about a 4x4 is that it takes a lot to stop it. By the time you've upgraded your vehicle with our replacement and add-on parts it'll be ready to take on just about anything. Let's start with fuel. Most LandCruisers have a 90 litre standard tank. We stock Brown Davis heavy-duty tanks, a bolt-on replacement that doesn't need any cutting or welding but can boost your capacity to 170 litres. Still not enough? Add one or more auxiliaries to give you even more range. With the right combination of long-range and auxiliary tanks you can fill a LandCruiser ute with over 400 litres of fuel.

Now you've got that extra range you won't want to be stopping to clean your air filter every few miles. Try one of our Safari snorkels. Positive sealing makes them perfect for wading rivers, but they're also great in dusty conditions. Taking in air from a few feet higher massively reduces the amount of crud that ends up in your filter, so you can go further between stops.

Emergency gear

As 4x4 enthusiasts we know all the ways you can get stuck out there. Soft ground, punctures, bellied up on a rock - we've done it all. Now we stock the kit to get you out of it all, and if you don't get out in one piece you'll be able to patch yourself up until you get to a doctor. From basic first aid and survival packs to our ingenious exhaust-powered jack, our emergency kit will get you back on the move.

Camping kit

You can't drive forever, and when you finally take a well earned break there's no need to spend it curled up on the back seat. Equip your LandCruiser with our huge, tough awnings to protect you from the sun and rain. Add tent walls or mozzie nets for more protection. Easily fitted and deployed, our awnings are truly awesome bits of kit.

Whatever else you want for your LandCruiser, Tough Toys can help you out. Get quick delivery anywhere in Australia at great prices, or email us for advice. You'll find out what makes Tough Toys the best!


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