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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota  Rav 4

A few decades ago most of the 4wd vehicles on the market would have been right at home on the farm. Your choice was basically the Land Rover, Land Cruiser, some Utes and maybe a couple of the tougher Jeep models. That’s all changed now, and plenty of families have a shiny crossover in the drive. Most 4wds never go off road, but they do make practical family cars.

And then there’s the Toyota RAV4. Originally a compact and trendy model for people who wanted 4w capability in a hatchback-size vehicle, it’s grown into a mid-size crossover wagon with a lot of touring potential. Not all RAV4s actually have four-wheel drive, but any that does makes an ideal off-road vehicle. The early short wheelbase ones are a lot of fun, and the bigger long wheelbase ones have enough space for an extended family trip. They do need some decent accessories before you venture into the bush though, because most owners aren’t going to do that and Toyota has recognised that fact with the standard equipment. The basis of an off road machine is there, but like with most modern 4wds you’ll need to add the finishing touches yourself.

Start by overhauling the recovery kit. The standard jack is worth hanging on to, but on its own it won’t get you out of any sticky spots. To extract yourself from deep sand or mud you’ll need a high-rise or exhaust jack – we recommend exhaust jacks if you’re going to be driving on soft ground. At least one set of good sand tracks are essential too. These are really handy if you get bogged in; use them at the right time and you probably won’t get stuck in the first place. Another recovery essential is at least one snatch strap. When you need pulled out of somewhere – and that happens to everyone sooner or later – you can’t beat a snatch strap.

So now you can take your RAV4 off road with confidence, because you have all the gear needed to keep mobile. What about keeping comfortable? There’s plenty space in the back for a few swags, but you can do a lot better than that. How about fitting one of our amazing Tough awnings? Mount one of those on your roof bars and you’ll have a huge shelter that sets up in minutes; add a mozzie net or tent kit for a fully enclosed sleeping area. Our awnings also come with LED lighting kits, so they make ideal places to chill out with a few cold ones after a good day’s driving.

Some of that space in the back can be used for one of our Bushpower fridge freezers. Now your touring recipes don’t all have to come out of tins – you can carry a supply of fresh food with you (and keep your beers cold, too).

The RAV4 has amazing potential as a fun, capable off road vehicle. You just need the right gear. That’s where Tough Toys come in - our business is supplying you with that gear. Our prices are pretty hard to beat, and we deliver anywhere in Australia.

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Tough Toys sells aftermarket parts suitable for Toyota vehicles.  We do not sell Toyota Genuine Parts or products.

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