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4x4 Accessories Suitable For Toyota  Tacoma

A good Ute makes a great off-road touring vehicle. With an extended cab you get the interior space of a standard 4wd wagon, plus an enormous load space to haul all your gear around. It’s a perfect combination. What makes a good Ute? Well, a Toyota badge helps, and their Tacoma is a popular choice. That makes a lot of sense – it’s available with the essential four wheel drive and there’s a choice of gutsy engines. The Tacoma is a petrol-powered vehicle, but all the engines are big enough to offer significant torque and they’re also better for the environment than a diesel would be.

A 4wd Tacoma is already an awesome vehicle for getting around off road, and with a few well-chosen accessories you can make it into the perfect expedition machine. Boost the toolkit with an exhaust jack, for quick wheel changes or extracting you from any inconvenient mud. Get a set of good sand tracks as well – they’re outstanding for recovering yourself or negotiating soft patches. Add one or two snatch straps and a handful of shackles and you’ll be ready to get out of virtually anything.

If you want to increase the Tacoma’s already impressive load space try one of our Uneek bed extenders. Just lower the tailgate and fit this steel frame as a barrier to keep your gear in – it’s perfect of you want the extra space for bulky camping equipment or a couple of dirt bikes. It can also be removed and used as a bench when you’ve set up camp.

Whether you extend the bed or not you’ll want to make sure your kit isn’t getting thrown around too much. The traditional solution for that is a couple of ocky straps, but you might want to check out Lynxhooks as an alternative – they’re a lot more versatile. They’re safer to use, too – ockies can be nasty if they unhook themselves while you’re trying to tie your load down.

Tough Toys also stock a wide range of small accessories aimed at making touring easier, safer and more fun. We’re dedicated off-roaders ourselves, so we know what works and what doesn’t. If we sell it you can be sure it works – plus we ship to anywhere in Australia. You can always rely on Tough Toys to help you get the gear you need.

The Trademarked names of vehicles and vehicle manufacturers are used on this website to denote vehicle suitability and for categorization of aftermarket parts only.  Tough Toys has no affiliation with, or sponsorship or approval from Toyota or other vehicle makes.

Tough Toys sells aftermarket parts suitable for Toyota vehicles.  We do not sell Toyota Genuine Parts or products.

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