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4wd Recovery & Safety

4wd Recovery & Safety

Conquering the off-road is an exhilarating adventure, but even the most seasoned explorers know - getting stuck is inevitable. That's where having the right recovery gear makes all the difference between a frustrating delay and a triumphant comeback story.

Here at Tough Toys, we're your one-stop shop for tough and reliable off-road recovery equipment. We've meticulously curated a selection of tools and accessories designed to handle any challenge, from sandy beaches, muddy bogs and rocky inclines.

Lifting the Burden:

  • Jacks & Lifting Equipment: Ditch the flimsy tools. Our high-capacity jacks and heavy-duty lifting kits tackle any terrain, from lightweight side-mounts to powerful hydraulic beasts.
  • Recovery Points & Hooks: These are the anchor points for your lifelines, ensuring secure connections and preventing damage to your vehicle. Choose from a range of options, including tow hooks, recovery rings, and heavy-duty shackles.

Gaining Traction:

  • Recovery Tracks & Boards: Conquer loose terrain with ease. These grippy tracks provide traction for your tires, allowing you to self-extract from mud, sand, or snow.
  • Recovery Kits & Straps: Be prepared for anything with a comprehensive recovery kit. Snatch straps, tow ropes, and recovery gloves provide the necessary tools for safe and efficient vehicle recovery.

Unleashing the Power:

  • Winches: Conquer even the most challenging situations with a powerful winch. Our selection includes electric, hydraulic, and portable options, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.

Essential Extras:

  • Mining & Sand Flags: Safety first! These high-visibility flags ensure your vehicle is seen, whether you're stopped on the side of the road or navigating sand dunes.
  • Portable Welders & Cutting Equipment: Be prepared for unforeseen repairs. A portable welder can fix minor metalwork issues, while a saw and cutting equipment tackles fallen branches or other obstacles.

Beyond the Gear:

At Tough Toys, we understand that knowledge is power. We offer a wealth of resources, including expert guides, how-to videos, and a supportive community of off-road enthusiasts.

Explore, Be Prepared, Conquer:

Don't let the fear of getting stuck hold you back from your next off-road adventure. Invest in the right equipment, learn the skills, and join our community. With Tough Toys by your side, you'll be ready to tackle any challenge and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready to explore?

Browse our extensive range of off-road recovery gear today and get ready to conquer the trails!

Jacks & Lifting Equipment
Don't get caught out in the bush without a jack.
Recovery Kits & Straps
Snatch straps, shackles, gloves & cable dampers.
Recovery Tracks
Recover your car safely from sand, mud & snow.