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4wd Recovery & Safety

4wd Recovery & Safety

Recovery equipment is essential when you're venturing out into the bush or pretty much anywhere off a bitumen road. You should choose your recovery equipment based on your vehicle and the environment you're travelling in.

Being able to recover your vehicle after becoming stuck is a major part of 4wding. Without recovery equipment on board you're going to become frustrated. This may lead to doing dangerous things in order to get your vehicle out. If you're prepared properly, you will be rewarded with safe, easy recoveries that will get you on your way.

Tough Toys sells a great range of recovery equipment to help you out of the mud, sand, snow or anywhere else you may find yourself stuck! Check out the products below.

Jacks & Lifting Equipment
Don't get caught out in the bush without a jack.
Mining & Sand Flags
Mining & Sand Flags to alert others to your position.
Recovery Kits & Straps
Snatch straps, shackles, gloves & cable dampers.
Recovery Points & Hooks
Never use a tow ball or tie down point to recover a vehicle, use a rated recovery point.
Recovery Tracks
Recover your car safely from sand, mud & snow.
Electric, hydraulic & hand winches for vehicle recovery.
Portable Welders
12v Portable Welders
Saw and Cutting Equipment
Clear fallen trees or cut up firewood with these off road saws.