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Roof Racks & Tie Downs

Roof Racks & Tie Downs

A roof rack is an important accessory for any 4wd. It allows you to place light weight bulky items on the roof of your vehicle safely and you can make more space for heavier items in the back of the vehicle. It is also good for the storage of recovery items such as tracks, shovels and jacks that may be dangerous to store inside the vehicle

Use of the proper tiedowns is important too. If you don't strap down the items on the roof of your vehicle they may fall off while you're driving and could become very dangerous.

Take a look at our range of roof racks and tiedowns below:

Roof Rack Platforms
Roof Rack platforms to suit various vehicles.
Tie Down Straps
Secure your load with our range of tie down straps.
Roof Access Ladders
Gain access the roof of your vehicle easily with a Roof Access ladder.
Roof Rack Accessories
Mount our range of accessories to your roof racks.
Roof Rack Load Bars
Roof Rack Load Bars to suit various vehicles.