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Torches & Lighting

Appropriate lighting is something everyone wants once they start going camping or 4wding at night. It is key to having an enjoyable experience whilst spending the night out in the bush.

LED lightbars and spotlights are great for lighting the tracks when you're caught out at night trying to make it to that next campsite.

Tough Toys also offer a great range of torches and awning lighting that will help make your camping experience that little bit better.

Why not check out the range of Torches and Lighting below:

Driving & Spot Lights
Driving lights give you the ability to see further than your normal high beams.
HID & LED Light Conversion Kits
Convert existing Halogen light housings to LED or HID.
LED Light Bars
These state of the art bars give you the ultimate 4wd lighting.
LED Replacement Headlight
Replace your dull, boring headlights with LED Sealed Beams.
Work & Strip Lighting
Use our great work lights and strip lighting to brighten up your campsite.
Automotive Globe Replacements
Replace your dull indicator, parker and headlight globes with something bright!
Campsite Lighting
Perfect For Lighting Any Campsite, Caravan, Boat or Shed Area