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UHF Radio & Communication

UHF Radio & Communication

Although getting out in the bush and roughing it is a great idea to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, communication devices are something you just can't go without. Everyone needs some form of communication with the outside world once they're travelling in the outback.

Tough Toys has a great selection of UHF antennas and CB radio devices that will get you back in touch with others. They are also a great device for when you have a spotter outside the vehicle wanting to tell you where to go.

We also have a range of bluetooth and handsfree kits for those times when you're driving and you can't pick up the phone. Why not check them out in the categories below:

Antennas & Mounts
Radio & cell phone antennas & mounts.
Hand Held UHF CB Radio
Communicate effectively with our range of hand held UHFs.
Handsfree & Car Kits
Bluetooth & Handsfree Kits
Vehicle UHF CB Radios
Vehicle to vehicle communications.