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Fraser Island Regional Map

Fraser Island is the largest island off the eastern coast and it's a great place for some 4x4 fun. The island's sandy beaches are popular for driving, and there are also tracks that let you explore the mangrove swamps and inland forests. Some of the scenery is almost unique in Australia, like the fens around Moon Point, and there are lots of native plants and animals. If you like fishing Fraser Island is a perfect place for a break, with tailor, jewfish and bream all found off the coast. Nature lovers often visit to see one of the last pure dingo populations and whale watchers could do a lot worse, too.

This high quality Hema map covers the whole island in 1:130,000 scale and has been updated with GPS-surveyed tracks and other features. The main map shows 4x4 and trekking tracks, facilities and activity locations, and has insets showing the main resorts. The map is double sided and the rear is loaded with information, too. You'll find contact numbers, tourist information and distance grids as well as loads of photos. The map is printed on synthetic paper, so it won't suffer from the damp.




Map Info:

Scale: 1:130,000
Edition: 7th
Published: 2013
ISBN: 9781865006529
Hema Regional Maps

The popular range of regional maps range from touring maps of coastal locations and popular national parks, to the more hardcore 4WD destinations and outback locations. Each product contains information on what there is to do and see in the region too, making them perfect planning tools.

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