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Runva Winches

A good winch is one of the best accessories you can get for your 4wd or Ute. For a working vehicle it's ideal for helping you shift heavy objects – want to drag a tree out of the woods? You can. If you enjoy off roading or touring it's also handy. With a winch fitted you can easily haul out anyone who's got themselves stuck, and it's the ultimate self-recovery tool if you get bogged in yourself and there's nobody around to give you a tow. Just hitch the winch cable to a solid object or a ground anchor, and pull yourself out. Want to get up a slope that's too steep to manage? Get the cable to the top and use it to assist you up. The ability to pull yourself towards the end of the cable opens up routes you'd never have dreamed of before.

Tough Toys are always working to get you the best off road and 4wd gear, and when we were looking for winches to add to our range we had a few requirements in mind. We wanted to get winches that use the latest technology to provide reliability, power and compact size. We wanted quality, so you'll know you have a system you can rely on. We wanted a wide range of options, to suit any vehicle and any user requirements. Of course we also wanted affordable prices, but not at the expense of quality.

What we found were the Runva winch range. They're from one of China's leading winch manufacturers, and that's a pretty good recommendation – this sort of light engineering is exactly what China's best at. Runva have been making winches for 16 years now and they've obviously been doing their homework, because these are tough and effective units.

We have a selection of Runva winches using either electric or hydraulic power, whatever you prefer. Our main range starts off at a compact 8,000 pound model that's ideal for rock crawling, and goes up to a 17,500 pound monster that will drag practically anything. You can choose a winch that suits your vehicle weight and what you're planning to do, and you'll find that all of them have the features you need. If you have an ATV or quadbike we haven't forgotten you either. We also have some super-small winches that are ideal for fitting to an ATV, including a clever one that can be mounted on a standard towing hitch.

A winch mounted below your bullbars gives your 4wd a serious, ready for anything look. Make it one of our Runva models and its pulling power isn't going to let you down when you need it most.

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